Elohim - F*ck Your Money (The Lost Boys Remix).

Elohim - F*ck Your Money (The Lost Boys Remix)

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What’s up guys! Been quiet for a little bit working on a ton of new original music that we get to share with you soon! For now, we have this remix for Elohim that we made awhile back and, well, it SPANKS! If you dig the track…throw us a follow, repost the track, send us a funny picture of your dog (or cat, but not preferable), or, for you nice ladies out there, walk up to the DJ at your next frat party and say “Heeeeyyyyy, can you, like, please play this new song by The Lost Boys?! It’s like sooo good.” And now for the moment you have all been waiting for….the fun facts: Brett can finally swallow pills (for those who have been following the fun facts, you know this is a big accomplishment) Andy has a twin brother Follow us on Socials: Instagram: Facebook: Spotify: Twitter: YouTube: Book Us:


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